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Organic Chana Besan - Product Information

Organic Chana Besan:
Organic Besan (Gram flour) is flour made after grinding dried chickpeas, Gram flour is known as chana flour, chick flour or besan. It is popular as besan flour and is used in various Indian recipes like besan laddu, bhajia, pakode, parantha, kadhi and other sweet, savory dishes as well as in preparing instant mixes available in market. It is also perfect as a thickener in curries and coating in different kinds of fries. It is rich in proteins, contains high proportion of carbohydrates but does not contain gluten.


Additinoal Information For Organic Chana Besan

How To Use Organic Chana Besan:

With no adulterations and manipulations our chana besan is of finest quality packed under strict quality control. It has slightly nutty flavor and earthy aroma and is very fine, soft, pale creamy yellow in color, used to thicken soups and curries or made into batter to coat vegetables.


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